Unity – Hybrid Audio Technologies
Unity was designed for the discerning individual interested in a product between the Imagine and Clarus product lines. Unity takes the Imagine systems reviewed by Car Audio & Electronics Magazine as “one of the top-11 best bargain speakers available” and improved it with Clarus-level enhancements.
The efficacy of the Unity series is due in large part to the incorporation of several design tenets from the Clarus series. The Unity series offers incomparable performance in its price range, boasting exceptional power handling and midbass authority, with an accurate tonal character and spectral balance any music lover will appreciate.
“Bright, crisp, detailed, sweet and enjoyable with awesome sonic cues and sound staging.” Earning the coveted 'Reference' Award

Talk Audio Magazine UK


Unity-Series Installation & Reference Manual

Covers in-depth speaker design attributes, driver specifications, mechanical drawings, frequency response graphs, basic & advanced installation techniques, and warranty information.

Follow this link or press the cover photo to view the Unity-series Reference Manual.