The Unity speaker line offers an ideal solution to upgrade the speaker system in a vehicle having either 6x9-inch or 6.5-inch door speaker locations by including several outstanding midbass and midrange speaker options. The 6x9-inch Unity U69-S, featured here, is a high-performance driver designed to function as the door speaker in a 2-way or 3-way front stage, in conjunction with the various Unity midrange drivers, such as the all-new Unity U2, and optionally with the Unity U1 20mm tweeter.
Also available are the U2x-W and U2x passive crossovers, offering flexible options to create the ideal 2-way or 3-way front stage solution when passive crossovers are necessary. The Unity 6.5-inch and 6x9-inch midbass drivers are available in 2-Ohm or 4-Ohm impedance configurations for superb flexibility. The Unity U69-S is a shallow-mount 2-Ohm option to the Unity U69V2 6x9-inch driver, and with a mounting depth of just 75mm is the shallowest high-performance 6x9-inch woofer of its kind.

Quick Specs

  • 2Ω Impedance
  • 120 Watts Power Handling (Continuous w/ Crossover)
  • 89.3 dB Sensitivity (2.83V/1M)
  • 45 - 3.8k Hz Frequency Response
  • 75mm Mounting Depth

Unity-Series Installation & Reference Manual

Covers in-depth speaker design attributes, driver specifications, mechanical drawings, frequency response graphs, basic & advanced installation techniques, and warranty information.

Follow this link or press the cover photo to view the Unity-series Reference Manual.

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